Cake Smash

Okay, we admit, it does sound a bit crazy, but if you think about it. Cake & Smash. Those two words sound like fun separately, but together – Cake Smash. Sounds fun doesn’t it!

It can sound like a weird idea: get a perfectly good cake, then take photos of your 12-month-old making a real mess of it. But birthday cake smashes are growing in popularity – and they’re a lot of fun for everyone involved! It may sound silly, but its all about having some fun with it!

Cake smash sessions started in America a few years ago, but the trend has just made its way to Australia.

In case you didn’t already know, the cake smash usually takes place around your child’s first birthday, all the better for you to bring the photos out at their 21st and embarass them once again.

The photos can often be used on a first birthday party invitations or maybe even just to mark the milestone. It’s probably the first time your child has eaten much cake, and we’re sure it’s certainly the first time they’ve been allowed to do whatever they want with it – whether it’s face-planting into it, putting icing in their hair, or knocking the whole thing over then crawling through it.

Cake Smash

Sounds like something kids of all ages would enjoy.

If you’re interested in a Cake Smash for your child, but without the mess, then you’re in luck.

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses are hosting our first ever Cake Smashes. But you’ll have to be quick, there’s only 10 spots available for each Cake Smash.

If you are interested in taking part. Call your nearest store and book your spot on the Cake Smash.