Edible Coffee Cups

Coffee, chocolate and a waffle cone – Together? Yes please!

Believe it or not. First the cookie shot, and now the coffee cone. After the success of Dominique Ansel’s beloved cookie and milk creation, it’s really no surprise that an edible coffee cup is finally here.

Prepare yourself for the “Alfred Cone” — a “freshly dipped chocolate cone” for your espresso or macchiato that’s sure to switch up your morning routine.

It’s a 120ml waffle cone dipped in milk chocolate (just the rim), used as a cup for either an espresso or macchiato.

“We recommend getting the macchiato in there because when the espresso melts the chocolate, it makes a baby mocha,” said store manager Ashlee Lawson.

Feast your eyes on the frothy goodness and start planning your move to LA:

The cone is served with wax paper holders, just to make sure that no coffee drinker gets the ooey- gooey chocolate on their hands when the cone starts to melt. On second thought, we don’t think we’d mind that one bit!

Coffee and Chocolate – The Perfect Partners once again! Create your own partnership at your local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

What kind of magical mix of food would you invent?