Music and Food

Music and food is a classic combination. We reckon that the sausage roll helped to inspire AC/DC‘s rise to stardom. After all, “It’s a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll!”

This slightly modified song lyric from one of AC/DC’s finest was a schoolyard hit when we grew up! Here’s our fun-filled guide to some more food inspired songs:

Whip It Good – Devo

Devo’s Whip It Good was made for cream, especially the fresh cream that goes into our Chocolate Eclairs

Roll with it – Oasis

Another song inspired by the Sausage Roll, Oasis’s Roll With It was full of layers, and a really meaty chorus, just like the Sausage Roll

Cream – Prince

We reckon there’s a great chance that Prince was thinking of our Raspberry Cream Lamington when he wrote his classic food song, Cream, and maybe even Raspberry Beret for that matter

Coffee and TV – Blur

Coffee and TV, a great combination for any morning on the weekend and great ingredients for one of Blur’s finest songs from the 90’s

What are your favourite food inspired songs? Leave a comment below with your best songs