Fashionable Food!

The creative culinary geniuses who mixed together these awesome pieces of clothing were obviously never told not to play with their food.

We all know that fashion changes every day but we never thought that we’d see someone wearing a cake as a dress! At Ferguson Plarre we know that cakes are definitely made for eating, not wearing!

Alexander McQueen’s Gummy Bear Gown

Famed fashion designer Alexander McQueen is the inspiration behind this weighty masterpiece. The colour scheme mimics a rainbow motif straight out of Candy Land. We’re getting a sugar rush just looking at this thing.

Wedding Cake Dress

If your mouth doesn’t start watering at this sight of this much cake, you simply cannot be a living, breathing human being. This is a wedding cake for the bride who really loves her cake!

Profiterole Dress

It took two months and 1,500 profiteroles, but Ukranian pastry chef Valentyn Shtefano made a 20-pound dress entirely out of profiteroles, for his wife.

Here at Ferguson Plarre we think we’d rather eat the profiteroles than wear them, but every person for themselves!

Cupcake Gown

We’re sure you’d need legs much longer than this lady’s in order to actually wear this gown (seriously, are they just hanging there?), and you’d need to make sure that no dogs would be crossing your path, but this gown made entirely out of cupcakes is very cool and no doubt ridiculously yummy!

The Salon du Chocolat Fashion Show

The Salon du Chocolat is a world-renowned affair celebrating, you guessed it, chocolate in all its forms. This festival would be incomplete without a chocolate-themed catwalk showcasing only the finest in cocoa-inspired fashion.

We’d like to think that our Chocolate Mousse Cake would take first prize in the Ferguson Plarre Fashion Contest!

Make your next Birthday Party a really fashionable affair with a Celebration Cake from Ferguson Plarre