Cake Magic

Ferguson Plarre’s talented cake magicians have been busy waving their wands and creating some real cake magic with their custom cakes this week.

Some lucky birthday boys and girls will have a feast for their eyes this week but we felt that some of these cakes were just too good for you to miss out on!

You’ll be dribbling when you see this cake

Daniel must have been dribbling when he saw his fantastic 18th birthday cake, a four tier NBA championship winning basketball cake.

We hope you had a fantastic birthday Daniel!

Making a Bee-line for one sweet cake

These hand made ladybirds are just the start of one very yummy looking cake.

We had to look twice at these ladybugs to make sure that they weren’t real! But no, don’t worry, they are just hand made sugar ladybugs created by our very mother nature’s own cake magicians!

It turns out that the ladybugs were all just a taste of what was to come on this bee-autiful 2nd birthday cake for Asmin.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for a Tee Pee

We wonder whether little Lachlan will be playing as a cowboy or an indian when he grows up? One things for sure, his parents sure have great taste in cakes. What a wonderful Tee Pee birthday cake this is!

Today’s the day the Elephant’s have their Christening!

A massive congratulations to Leon Robert on his christening and a slap on the back for choosing such a stylish cake for the big day. The animal lovers in the decorating room were sad to see Nelly pack her trunk and trundle off to the christening but we reckon she’s been given to a good home!.

If you would like to order a Custom Cake, please visit your local store and speak to any one of our lovely staff, and they will organise for our cake magicians to work their magic once again!