Our Guide to Safe Trick or Treating

Here’s some tricks to make sure your little Ghouls and Ghosts have a great but most importantly, a safe time treating on Halloween night!

Put a leaflet in your neighbours’ letterboxes, telling them the time when most kids will trick or treat, and how to mark their houses if they want to participate. (You could also include a balloon with your note with instructions to place it on their letterbox).

Have a chat with the kids about safety before you leave; they will no doubt be very excited but it is
important to remind them to be safe at all times.

Remind kids of their manners, to say please and thank you when they are given halloween treats!

Hold hands and look both ways when you cross the street, you are still walking on public roads and all care should be taken.

Ensure an adult remains with the group at all times and that the kids stay in the group, and don’t rush ahead to the next house alone.

Stranger danger rules still apply; don’t go to unfamiliar on unsafe looking houses or areas. Planning your route in advance is a good idea.

If your kids are too little or you aren’t comfortable letting them trick or treat in the street, consider doing it at home. Theme up different doors in your house, have you kids knock on these and hand out halloween treats when you answer.

Another fun activity to consider is “Reverse Trick-or-Treating”; go to houses and hand out lollies! It could be a great way to meet new neighbours and convert some Halloween skeptics.

Easy on the tricks! Halloween is a bit of fun for the whole family, not a chance to alienate your
neighbours! Consider having your kids sing a song, tell a joke or perform a magic trick instead.

You might want to consider having thank you notes for the kids to hand out for houses that participate.

Some community organisations and schools organise Halloween events; keep an eye out for them and sign up if they have a trick-or-treat register.

If your house runs out of Halloween Treats you may wish to either take down your decorations, or have a sign ready to say when you have run out to avoid having disappointed kids on your hands.

Plan your treats in advance and pick up extra Halloween treats from Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses.