Crazy Cupcakes of the world

We love to experiment with our Cupcake flavours and toppings here at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses and we’re pretty proud of the delicious cupcakes that come out of the decorating room, but in all of our research we’ve come to realise that not all Cupcakes are the same.

It’s not all about delicate fondant flowers and beautiful butter icing. In fact, we’ll bet you probably wouldn’t want to eat any of these cupcakes…

Did you hear the one about the ‘Maggot Cupcake ‘from Twisted Fondant were created for the third annual Eat Your Heart Out pop-up cake shop in London. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself!

Mango flavoured Maggot Cupcake

Don’t worry, there are no real maggots involved. This cupcake comes with a latex glove and tweezers so you can remove the horrifyingly realistic fondant fly larva from the hole in the cupcake “skin,” then squish out the “mango-flavored pus.”

Mountain Dew & Dorito Cupcake

Only in America, but what a flavour combination. Sounds great for a Friday night in, as long as they are separate, but who on earth would want to try this flavour of cupcake? Would you? Comment below with your favourite Crazy Cupcake Flavour!

Meatloaf & Potato Cupcakes

There’s a bakery in America called the Meatloaf Bakery that creates one heck of a savoury cupcake. The decorations are the winner on this cupcake – Bacon, chives, shredded cheese, black olives, a ketchup dollop on the top. This does sound like a cupcake that we would like to try!

Buffalo Chicken Wing Cupcake

Once again, this is a cupcake that could only be made in America. This is one cupcake that would go down a treat on American Independence Day.

This is not just a plain vanilla cupcake with a buffalo chicken wing plopped on top like it may seem at first, the above buffalo chicken wing cupcake contains hot sauce and blue cheese in the cake, and a blue cheese buttercream frosting. If you’re the kind of person that wants to shove cupcake and chicken wings into your mouth at the same time, this is the cupcake for you!

Blood Cell Cupcakes

Ever wondered what blood tastes like? According to a London-based baker-turned-Internet-superstar, the answer is a combination of cupcake and sugar fondant.

Denise Steele runs her own Cupcake Bakery in the UK and as part of her first batch of baking, she created these Red Blood Cell Cupcakes.

“I got involved in a baking project called Eat Your Heart Out (EYHO) organised by Emma Thomas, also known as Miss Cakehead.

“EYHO had a pop-up cake shop at the Pathology Museum at St Bart’s Hospital. The theme was human anatomy and after some thinking I decided to make the red blood cell cupcakes.”

What kind of Cupcake flavour would you like to try? Any of these flavours that we’ve mentioned?

Comment below with your suggestions for a crazy cupcake flavour.