What makes you proud to live in Australia?

On Australia Day, we asked the question – What makes you proud to live in Australia?

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses has always been and still is a family owned and operated Australian business. Both the Ferguson & Plarre Families have early European roots and we established ourselves in Australia over 110 years ago.

The Ferguson Plarre history commenced in 1901 in the Northern and Western suburbs and both families established themselves as household names in Melbourne.

Both families continued trading through both World Wars and the Great Depression despite the tough conditions. After years of refining their ‘craft’ and significant contributions to the pastry-cooking trade both families merged their businesses to become ‘Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses’ in 1980.

We’re proud to operate our business in Australia, and even prouder to live in this great country, but we want to know what makes you proud to live in Australia?

What makes you proud to live in Australia?

Each of your answers we received made us proud to live in Australia amongst you all, so proud that we felt we had to share them with you (even if some are over 25 words…)!

“Our unique landscapes (from snowfields to deserts to rainforest!), resilient strong people, and multicultural food! It all comes together and works so well” – Trish Welsh

“Mateship, freedom, jobs, family, friends, shelter and plenty of food choices and treats like we get at Ferguson Plarre” – Sue Rooney

“I love the fact that I have freedom, the right to make my own decisions! The fact that Australians are know for their friendly, laid back nature! Makes me very proud!” – Lisa Gillman

“How quick Aussies are to lend a helping hand to someone in need.” – Catherine Cannon

” ‘Mate’ word summarises culture of australia where you have mates at home or go out so you are always safe which gives me pride to be here” – Kunal Mungia

“We are free can do what we want and taste beauitful food and wines that are Number 1 in this world.” – Anne Woof

“Mateship! Australians have always dug deep in times of despair (think Ash Wednesday etc..) whether it’s monetary or sheer manpower…it’s mateship, it’s the vibe!” – Belinda Bee

“I love the relaxed, carefree, easy going lifestyle. The sometimes beautiful weather and the massive choice of holiday spots around our own country. Who needs to leave?” – Nola Graham

#Australia we have choices, to be and make the lives we choose. Space, freedom, a truly beautiful country with so much to offer. Let’s all help to keep it that way. We are the lucky country and I am thankful every day.” – Robs Tiley

“The fact that we can not see our soldiers patrolling the streets enabling us all the freedom that lots of people in other countries envy. We are the lucky country, and I have no desire to leave it.” – Margaret Box

“Our sense of community! Something bad happens and everyone bands together to help eg fires, floods, death etc. Australia’s full of sooo many beautiful places!” – Linda Prinny

“Values and lifestyle we Australians have that many other cultures find so appealing – our friendliness, our ‘work to live’ ethic and the spirit of mateship aspects of our culture” – Damayanthi Perera

“Being able to go to a playground and instantly make friends with whoever else is playing there.” – Sonya Nicole

“The younger generation who have a social conscience and hope to make Australia a better place.” – Christine Williams

“Australians know how to unite together when things go wrong , we all have that fighting Aussie spirit that makes us proud!” – Ann Maree Sculley

“We not only invented the Hills Hoist but also how to swing around on it.” Karen Smile

“Our heritage, our future, our willingness to help those in need, our tolerance and empathy… I hope they will always override bigotry and greed!” – Jo Miller

Thank you to everyone who left such lovely sentiments about how proud they are to live in Australia. We’re very proud to be able to say we live here too!