Treats fit for royalty

We all know that there are some very decadent meals all over the world, but why do you need to spend big to eat tasty, quality food. Here’s some real treats fit for royalty!

Here’s our look at some of the most expensive meals around the world, and some really good, and far cheaper alternatives.

A Burger with Extra Bling

It’s not your average hamburger that’s for sure. The FleurBurger 5000, at Fleur de Lys, in Las Vegas, Nevada, costs a whopping $5,000 (just under £3,000) and contains foie gras and a special truffle sauce, served on a brioche truffle bun with black truffles on the side.

The meal deal also includes a bottle of Chateau Petrus 1990, poured in Ichendorf Brunello stemware.

Angus Beef Pie

Now, while that all sounds very nice, give us a classically simple, lunch time snack anytime, like an Angus Beef Pie, made with hormone-free chunky angus beef cooked in our delicious gravy.

This delicious pie is then topped it with a light fluffy pastry and baked into a golden nugget of a proper pie for only $5.30! At that price, who wants wagyu beef & truffles?

A Pricey Pudding

Traditionally a poor man’s food, chefs at the Devonshire Arms Hotel, Bolton Abbey, pimped the dish to within an inch of it’s life.

Prepared to mark last year’s Yorkshire Pudding Day, the £500 monster included a beer-fed Dexter beef fillet, a whole Black Perigord truffle imported from France and a Gold Leaf.

Or a Classic Family Beef Pie?

We’ve pimped one of our classics as well, not that it needs to be pimped, but our classic Family Beef Pie is a great Sunday dinner alternative to a yorkshire pudding filled with beef. The hormone-free beef in our pies is cooked in a fantastically delicious gravy and really does taste nothing like a poor man’s food!

An Opulent Omelette

The Zillion Dollar Frittata costs just $1,000 USD, which is just a tad extravanagant.

Or a tasty Quiche Lorraine

Quiche became popular in England sometime after WWII, as a cost friendly, but no less tasty meal in times of rationing!

The original Quiche Lorraine was an open pie with a filling comprising an egg and cream custard with smoked bacon. It was only later that cheese was added to the Quiche Lorraine and boy are we glad it was! You can pick up a Quiche Lorraine to feed the family for only $16.20.

That’s almost $1000 cheaper than a Frittata! Who needs posh food?

Curry with caviar?

This ridiculously extravagant & lavish curry is almost entirely covered in gold leaf

To celebrate the release of Slumdog Millionaire on DVD (which is ironic considering the basis of the film is about poverty) London’s Bombay Brasserie created the world’s must expensive curry.

The Samundari Khazana at £2000 a pop includes Devon crab, white truffle and a half tomato filled with Beluga caviar dressed with gold leaf are just the start of this lavish dish.

A Scottish lobster, also coated with gold, four abalone and four shelled and hollowed quails’ eggs filled with even more caviar round out the dish.

A Butter Chicken Pie is far more appealing…

If you’d much rather spend your hard earned cash on something far cheaper, but no less appealing, why not grab a Butter Chicken Pie from your local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses.

For our filling we use 100% free range chicken breast, cooked in a delicious butter chicken sauce, be don’t need gold leaf to make our pies look good, we have light, fluffy golden pastry to do that

Bankruptcy by chocolate

Luxurious: And you thought Vienettas were posh

The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream sundae costs £12,000 at the Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York.

A blend of 28 cocoas, including 14 of the world’s most expensive, was served with 5g of edible 23-karat gold in a goblet lined with edible gold.

The base of the goblet contains an 18-karat gold bracelet with 1 carat of white diamonds.

The dessert is eaten with a gold spoon, itself decorated with white and chocolate-coloured diamonds, which can also be taken home.

A right royal chocolate treat

Fit for a King or Queen, the Chocolate Royal is jam packed with the best that Ferguson Plarre has to offer.

An all butter crumbly shortbread biscuit that melts in your mouth is the base, topped with yummy fluffy marshmallow & raspberry jam and then dipped in delicious chocolate to make a very yummy treat!

The world’s most decadent Hot Dog

The California Capitol City Dawg, at Capital Dawg in Sacramento is a three-quarter pound, 18in all-beef sausage with French mustard, garlic and herb mayo, sautéed shallots, mixed baby greens, applewood smoked uncured bacon.

Toppings include Swedish moose cheese, which costs $200 a pound, tomato, dried cranberries, pepper and a basil olive oil/cranberry-pear-coconut balsamic vinaigrette.

It is then served in an herb focaccia roll toasted in white truffle butter.

Sausage Roll with it…

Let’s be honest though, who wants to have a snack that has so many different components! Give us a an award winning Sausage Roll anyday, made with top quality hormone free beef sausage mince and pastry. Now’s the time for you to try our award-winning sausage rolls.