Cake for a date

It’s long been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Audrey Shulman seems to think so, anyway. In an attempt to snag a boyfriend, the LA-based blogger has been bringing cakes into bars – the assumption being that men will flock over at the promise of baked goods. She calls the process “cakebarring” – and it seems to be working pretty well.

Shulman is based on the Left Coast, where confections are more of a novelty. After all, LA is a health-conscious town where waiters are surprised if you want yolks in your omelette. New York, on the other hand, is a city of sweets, with as many cakes as taxicabs.

And what about potentially misleading your suitors by cutting them a slice of homemade cake the first time you meet them – surely you’re not going to channel your inner Steph Alexander on every date, right?

So here are some of Shulman’s tips on successful cakebarring.

“Offer cake to anyone you’re interested in talking to, girls included,” she says. “Their best guy friend in the bathroom could end up being someone you hit it off with.”

But cupcakes may not be the way to go it seems, “Even though it might seem easier, I would not take cupcakes – they’re too easily transportable, and people will take them and leave. There’s something about having to cut a piece of cake that forces conversation and makes this work.

It’s definitely an interesting idea, and hey, if you like baking and are looking for a sticky date, it may well do the trick!

This story first appeared in the New York Post