Planning a Perfect Picnic

Here’s our tips for planning the perfect picnic

What is more fun than making the most of the sunshine and taking a stroll to find a beautiful spot in a park, or near a swimming river, armed with a yummy picnic, a bottle of something to share and the person you most want to share it with, and spending a lovely afternoon on a blanket, dreaming, dozing, or gazing up at the blue sky? No matter how many guests, it’s the type of party that anyone can get involved in.

Think about it as planning a party – The ideal picnic is nothing more than choosing a great location, inviting a good group of people, bringing something to sit on, and packing some delicious food and drinks.

Keep it Portable

Obviously the style of your picnic depends on your guests. If you are looking to keep things simple then just ask for a box to place your Sweet Treats in when you visit your local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses. Each of our treats will be wrapped up, but a Take Home box could help keep them from getting squashed on the way to your picnic area.

If you’re a serious picnicker then you may already have a hamper or a backpack ready to go and packed with plates, cutlery and glasses for whatever drink tickles your fancy.

Be Practical

Fold up an oversized trash bag and pack it with your picnic supplies. Lay it on the ground underneath your blanket. It will keep your blanket dry and clean and help to ward off bugs. At the end of the picnic, just roll up your blanket, and then use the trash bag to collect your garbage. Voila!

Take food for your picnic that will travel well. Our Fresh Wraps are perfect for a picnic. Serve them with a fresh drink, and go for side salads that will work well in the heat. As long as its crunchy, delicious, and good for you then you can’t really go wrong…

Of course there are some other things you might want to pack: insect repellant, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, condiments (salt and pepper especially), extra napkins or paper towels, and possibly matches for lighting birthday candles (a Birthday picnic is a great way to spend your special day). Of course, you don’t want to forget your Birthday Cake if that’s the case – There’s hundreds of different birthday cake designs available online and at your local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse

Here’s another handy hint. Instead of a clunky ice pack, tuck a bag of frozen berries into your picnic basket to keep your food cool, then once you’re settled in, tear the bag open and drop the berries into lemonade or water for a lovely, refreshing garnish.

Play It Cool

Take along a few cushions, along with a comfy rug and you’ll be set for a lovely relaxing nap after your picnic. Trust us, there’s nothing better when the sun is shining down on!

The last thing is to think about what you’ll be doing when you’re not munching. Make sure your bring along a good book or magazine, or put together a good picnic playlist, full of summer tunes to get you in the mood. If the kids are with you, bring along some balls and frisbees, after all, you want to make sure that everyone has fun.

For perfect picnic food, look no further than your local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse