What does your coffee order say about you

What does your choice of coffee say about you and your personality? Here’s a funny look at what your Coffee order may say about you…


You hate coffee but feel the pressure to prove your adulthood and so, as a compromise, you sweeten the hit with a dose of chocolate.

If you like Chocolate, why not grab a Hedgehog Slice to munch on with your next Coffee


You’ve just had a delicious and/or expensive meal and want to pretend you’re a sophisticated Italian. Wash away the gluttony with a shot of coffee – The bitter, the better.

Double espresso

You’re on the run, a folder of papers under one arm and no time to put them into your bag, let alone wade through the water, milk and cream that clog up other beverages. One a day is habit, two is a manageable addiction and three cups means the double espresso has become a full-blown enabler.

Triple espresso

Your clothes stink of smoke, you can still taste the jägerbombs at the back of your throat and you bitterly regret the so-called mate who told you that hungover Fridays are the norm. Cling to your triple espresso as you bid a tearful farewell to pain-free all-nighters.

Espresso served in a large cup with a cup of hot water on the side

If you want a job done properly, you have to do it yourself. Too many times you’ve ordered a restaurant Americano only to be given filter coffee, instant coffee, too weak or too strong. Your fussy order may look ridiculous – but at least there will be no surprises. You’re also a fan of Post-It notes, colour-co-ordination..

Cortado (espresso cut with small amount of warm milk)

You couldn’t care less about the drink, but love the look of confusion on the barista’s face. You’ve heard the words cut-throat, narcissist and power-hungry a few times, but you’re too focused on the chief executive’s seat to care.

Caramel Cappuccino

Today can’t get any worse, you told yourself this morning. Then it got worse. Forget the caffeine, you need a massive sugar hit and your entire daily calorie allowance in one cup is the perfect antidote.

Make any day better with a Caramel Slice alongside your Caramel Cappucino

Hand ground, craft-roasted coffee beans, made with an aeropress

You wouldn’t be seen dead with last generation’s iPhone, you write a blog about whisky and you can name the designer of a suit without looking at the label.

Civet coffee (the most expensive coffee in the world, made of coffee beans that have been partly digested and expelled by Indonesian civet cats)

You’re either Hollywood royalty or an oligarch with ties to a problematic government. Either way, your cup of coffee was made by a servant.

Whatever your coffee choice, we won’t hold it against you. We’re more of a Latte person, and what does a Latte say about you


A big fan of cakes, the Latte drinker loves to dip a gingerbread biscuit in the foam of their latte to give it a milky afro. The Latte drinker is a bit like Peter Pan, keen to get back to childhood and drinking milk from a glass bottle with a straw!

Make a Latte even better – Take a dip with a Gingerbread Man