Cake Fails

Lets be honest, everyone loves to see some good old Cake Fails!

There’s nothing worse when it happens to you, but when it happens to someone you don’t know, and they are willing to share it with the world, there’s nothing wrong with that right?

We know that birthday cakes aren’t easy to make. Between the baking, stacking and icing, there’s a lot of different components to think about.

Baking in general is risky — cookies are proof of that— but cakes are the riskiest, and often times they just fail. Sometimes its best to just leave it up to the professionals!

If you’re feeling a little cake anxiety, keep in mind that no matter how bad your cake comes out, someone has made one that was way worse.

These cakes are some of the biggest cake fails that we have seen. Let us know, have you seen better?

Thomas the Tanked Cake

Now we have to be honest, icing can be hard, and kudos to this person for trying but sometimes it really is best to leave the baking of your kids birthday cake up to the professionals, particularly when we really do have some great Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cakes.

Chocolate Cakes tastes great but doesn’t look it…

Sometimes you can create something that tastes really good, but doesn’t quite have the right look. Even adding icing and sprinkles to the mix can’t help.

If this is how your cakes end up after baking, why not save yourself the hassle and pick one up from your local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses. Our Chocolate Cakes look great and taste even better.

Cupcakes that pack a punch

Whoa, can you believe these are cupcakes. They look great and would be perfect for Wimbledon or the Australian Open but there’s a bit of a flavour overload going on here!

Just too much going on. These are Carrot, Zucchini, Ginger & Cranberry “tennis ball cupcakes” with Avocado, Banana, Lemon Cream Cheese frosting.

Now why not keep things simple but classy and go for a delicious Lemon Cupcake. A great summery treat, bursting with flavour. Each cupcake is topped with lemon flavoured cream cheese icing and a hand made sugar daisy. Order online now